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Historic Hardscape


fieldstone wall with gate

Nothing speaks of the New England landscape better…
Meandering down old country roads, a Fieldstone wall can make the most harried stop and wonder at its timeless natural beauty.   

The subtle, colorful shades of Fieldstone – weathered grays, with whitish lichen and moss – imparts a timeless patina and presence.

It connects us to our past, to our New England roots. It’s like the Fieldstone itself embodies and expresses our values – strong and grounded, steadfast yet organic, with subtle colors and a touch of the romantic.

Finding Fieldstone that meets these standards is not easy. But it’s a journey we feel passionate about. When you visit our yard you will see what I mean.

We don’t just wave an annoying hand saying, “It over there.” Choosing the right stone that expresses the feeling and look you are after can be a challenge. We want to help. Stop by…

Reclaimed fieldstone video...(stone shown above)

fieldstone wall
Quarried Stone

Natural in a different way…
Unlike Fieldstone, Quarried Stone is mined – extracted from the earth – and shaped by man giving it a more refined yet distinct natural look.

More uniform than Fieldstone, it comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as texture and color from a mixture of grays, to earth tones with deep blues and green, as well as the salt and pepper look.

The skill to work with the material is considerable but the outcome can be stunning.

Adding to the mix we specialize in reclaimed granite from old structures and building projects hundreds of years old. 

Whether it’s new or reclaimed, our selection of Quarried Stone is outstanding. With so much variety in shapes, sizes, and colors we are here to help guide you to the right stones for look you have in mind.

quarried stone wall

Not all concrete is boring or without personality – that’s for sure.
Today’s Concrete Block comes in a variety of shapes, textures and colors with a distinct natural-look.

One of the major benefits of Concrete Block is you can do the work yourself or if you hire a contractor, the installation is substantially less than Fieldstone or Quarried Stone.

Creative outdoor living space is a perfect extension of our home. Many landscaping projects from expansive patios to retaining walls are a perfect match for today’s natural-look Concrete Block – processed and shaped for easy application.

Whether tumbled or split-faced, we have an outstanding selection of Concrete Block for any budget and the knowledge to help you do what you want. Stop by…

We carry concrete products by the following manufacturers;



Cambridge Pavers, Inc.

Stiles and Hart Brick Company

Pine Hall Brick

concrete block wall


New England Native Stone




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